Hi, I’m Jamie.

I write about innovation, lifelong learning, and how to think differently.

You might be wondering why

My reason for writing is to help catalyze widespread innovation.

We usually associate innovation with massive scales and economic applications. Entrepreneurship and tech are notorious for shifting paradigms, which has led to many wonders.

I suggest that innovation can also transpire at the individual level, in areas of personal interest and professional growth.

How my work will benefit you

I am an analyst. In my writing, I delve into the question, “How can we think differently?”

I want to find interesting insights that we can use to expand how we think about the world around us. I sift through curious bits of data, high quality information, ancient wisdom, and today’s emerging ideas. I assemble the best of the ideas I encounter into everyday tools. We can use these tools to relieve pain points and optimize how we operate.

My writing explores practical applications in areas of personal development and professional growth. For example:

  • How to stay relevant in a fast-changing world
  • How to be more creative and innovative everyday
  • How to get out of a rut and the rat race
  • How to find meaningful work and quit a soul-sucking job
  • How to be productive and happy, not tired and miserable
  • How to learn more, read more, write more and enjoy the process

If you are curious about any of these, you can start by reading my articles.

I haven’t solved it all. But I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far.

Personal collection

I enjoy reading good books and listening to long-form talks. You can browse my shelves to find some of the best reads and great speeches I’ve found so far.

Thank you

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